At BMT Farms, our grass-fed all natural bison receive a constant diet of fermented forages (grasses and alfalfa). We don't use grain because we don't need it. Bison are ruminants and their systems are designed to digest grasses, not grains.Our results give you tender, flavorful, and juicy cuts of naturally lean bison!

Fermentation provides beneficial microbes for the animal's digestive systems as well as breaking down the forage so they can utilize more of it. The finished meat has an excellent flavor, with tender, juicy results.

Our 2021/2022 bison harvest has begun. Call in soon to reserve your meat. All our pricing is finished, cut, and wrapped and ready to pick up for your freezer.

To reserve your portion, call us at 435-753-2086 or 435-770-7693.

Whole bison: $11.00/lb - cut and wrapped

1/2 bison: $12.00/lb - cut and wrapped

1/4 bison: $13.00/lb - cut and wrapped