BMT Research Farms is located in the beautiful Cache Valley of Northern Utah. We are the research and data collection arm of Bio Minerals Technologies, an agricultural consulting company specializing in natural soil, crop, and livestock solutions. While farmers are great at what they do, they are terrible at collecting data, so BMT Research Farms raises livestock and crops as a way to collect and disseminate empirical data regarding our agricultural solutions. You can read more about our agricultural solutions on our web site at

The mission of Bio Minerals Technologies is to produce and help our farmers produce high-quality, nutrient dense, natural food that will improve our human health without chemical intervention. Because of our mission, you can be assured that all meats produced at our research farm are free from chemical contamination. We use only natural nutrition, probiotics, and natural trace element sources to raise healthy and contented animals. As a result of our nutritional programs, our animals grow larger faster, with delicious results.

Over the years, we have tested our nutritional programs on poultry, beef, and pork, and in 2019 we added some bison to our rotation to see how they perform. Our results are similar with all our tests, healthier animals and faster growth, without the need for chemical or antibiotic intervention. We have also found that under our programs, the animals are more contented and docile, implying that they feel better as compared to standard herds and flocks.

All of this translates directly into healthier meat for your table. The meat quality is always high with incredible flavor, far better than anything  you can buy at your local grocer's.

To reserve your share of our next harvest, call us at 435-753-2086 or 435-770-7693 and try our results for yourself!

You can visit our office at:

Bio Minerals Technologies, Inc
695 W 1700 S
Bldg 28, Suite 103
Logan, UT 84321

Our farms and livestock are in Millville, Utah.